CAD Car was created to be a specialist area of an already niche business 3D Engineers.

Just about everything on this website, apart from a minimal amount of illustrative visuals, has been created by CAD Car. All the 3D scanning, CAD design, video, pictures, methods and innovation have come into existence over fifteen years. Our output could be considered prolific.

It is unlikely that you can find a business for your project that has as much experience, academic achievement and positive press coverage in the area of buck tooling an bespoke car design than CAD Car .

Since inception, CAD Car has scanned hundreds of cars, including creating every part of the Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix racing car in CAD. Numerous egg crate or section, hammer form and hybrid body bucks have been designed, manufactured and delivered. CAD Car has created well over fourteen unique car designs (and counting). Eleven unique cars are either built or in manufacture through this work to date. The tooling created has assisted the production of over one hundred and seventeen cars either from scratch or in a production run. The list goes on.

As shown through the content on this website, producing designs as complex as a car within an adequate time frame and to terrific quality can be achieved without a cast of thousands. Neither are expensive premises and a multi-tiered management structure required. It has repeatedly been proven that working long hours, studying the subject in depth and being adept at mixing and matching techniques, macros, hardware and software to create solutions saves time and money for our clients. It would not have been possible to achieve so much by having one discipline and working in an environment where work passes between departments and people. This old way of working creates project friction in all senses of the phrase.

CAD Car works worldwide.

A key goal is to be the most efficient supplier in this field. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing theme. Our founder became one of the few people on the planet to be awarded Certified Solidworks Expert status (CSWE) which is the best accreditation Solidworks offer. Back in 2017 when achieved, approximately 1000 users outside the Solidworks organization, out of a total of two million users (source Wikipedia and Solidworks Corporation), only 0.0005% of the total, had attained this qualification.

Courses both in person and online have been undertaken regularly in all key areas of the software and hardware that CAD Car uses.

CAD Car aims to be the most efficient, effective, skilled and highly qualified provider of bespoke cars and buck designs.

Note: CAD Car is a specialist business niche to 3D Engineers and the terms 3D Engineers and CAD Car are used interchangeably.

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