Front cover features

The Automobile

Our first car body design and our first front cover. Vehicle is the Mitchell Special MKII and the project went from chassis only to racing at Silverstone in eight months. The car has been raced and used on the road for over a decade giving our client much enjoyment.

Jaguar Magazine

Body buck, created by Stuart Brown of CAD Car, shown on the front cover of Jaguar Magazine in a Computer Generated Image (CGI) form. The body buck was made in the real world faithful to this image. This front cover gives us more pleasure than virtually any other, as out of all the possible images the magazine could have used of this vehicle ours was chosen.

Develop 3D

Once again the Mitchell Special MKII. The article was all about our use of technology to bring cars into the real world.

Geomagic Wrap Brochure Front Cover

One of the largest 3D software companies in the world has used our images of the Bugatti Type 35 project on the front cover of their brochure.

Feature Articles