CAD Car Bespoke Vehicles

Experienced, with many designs already made or in production. Multiple articles in Octane Magazine and our work featured on front covers of Jaguar Magazine, Develop3D and The Automobile. At least two cars have been placed in the lobby of the RAC Club. At least two cars outside the Octane Awards entrance.

All CAD Car designs can move from the virtual to the real world. No vapourware here. The detail required for production, legislative requirements for road use, the class of body surfacing required to turn a concept to reality and of course the tooling is already worked out.

What you see is a tiny fraction of our output over the last fifteen years. Historically sympathetic, retromod, customised, truly individual designs and faithful re-creations of cars have all been created and are being driven in the real world.

For the last 2.5 years, CAD Car has been working on a collection of our own designs and modifying for current legislation old designs. These cars are now ready to be bought and built.

In addition to car design, our approach to building cars is somewhat unique. The very best finishes are employed to keep your machine looking as good as it can be when driven in rain, heat and most real world conditions. Concurrent engineering practice is employed. The very best people that we have worked with over the last fifteen years will be using their skill in numerous specialist trades to make your car a visual and tactile delight. We work fixed price with an adjustment level only coming in if inflation hits 15%. Every car design has been worked through and self-financed until it is ready to be offered to a client. Can we solve every eventuality before a build? No. However, a detailed plan is always in place.

The above talks a lot about what we do, but what we don’t do is equally important. Our method means your car moves from one trade to another without spending any more time than necessary in one place. We don’t run a racing team. We don’t rent a unit. We don’t have a secretary. As every car is unique, we don’t have stands at shows or run a demonstrator.

Every pound that you spend with us is put into your car plus some profit for us and the skilled individuals that make and fit the numerous parts that go into your unique, tailored to yourself, vehicle. We are launching at this stage as our previous car work speaks for itself and our output could almost be considered prolific.

All the above adds up to a situation where our cost base is lower, but also the aggravation is reduced, timescales lowered and you can have a clear view on how your car is progressing and the costs involved, as opposed to paying enormous bills every week or month with very little control or clarity as to where this money is going.

It is also possible to place a “virtual human” within your car, tailored to your size, to check the fit.

As of 2022 we have introduced Virtual Reality (VR) headsets into our design review process.

Classic car body buck animation of 3D Engineers design

Concurrent Engineering

Combining techniques and methods in parallel reduces project completion times. Our multi-disciplined approach reduces lead times, adds flexibility and creates a more cohesive design process.

Unlimited Design Changes

Every project starts with a comprehensive design brief, which then gives CAD Car the confidence to offer unlimited design changes until you, the client, are happy. Essentially, projects have a refinement loop that creates a focus on the best design solution.


Innovation is at the forefront of the CAD Car business philosophy and thus enables hitherto impossible dreams to become a reality. Innovation is a mindset that starts with curiosity and inquisitiveness. These attributes are in the CAD Car DNA.