Point Cloud Processing

3D scan points post-processed effectively

The 3D scanning process creates point clouds. Handling large data sets of millions of points requires specialist software, hardware and expertise.

Post-processing of 3D scan data is a specialist area of the 3D process and to handle large, sometimes in the hundreds of millions, points in 3D space requires specialist software and powerful hardware. Experience in how to make the transition from groups of points onward to polygons and then to a usable, often retopologised, 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) surface for use in a CAD program such as Solidworks is essential. This work is as much of an art as a defined process.

Approach regarding the above varies and have saved enormous amounts of money for clients by interpreting what they require and suggesting the best approach. Often the chosen course taken is not what the client thought was originally required.

CAD Car has a choice of three programs available to retopologise data. Like a carpenter would not arrive on site with only a set of chisels, a 3D CAD expert should not just have one program or scanner available.

CAD Car can post-process your data or we can undertake to scan ourselves.

Billions of 3D points processed

From subjects as large as the 169M high Washington monument, planes, ships and over a hundred cars and then onwards to items that are less than an inch square, we can cater for all your 3D point cloud post-processing requirements.

Software and hardware

Possessing very powerful hardware and software saves clients time and money. Always keen to spot new opportunities, we keep up to date with new products and techniques.

Retopology catered for

Retopology is required to reduce the surface data on a polygon surface, in effect creating a low polygon mesh more usable for ongoing CAD work.

Classic car point cloud data post processed to polygons and 3D CAD

3D Point Cloud Scan Data

Converted to Polygon and CAD Surfaces